Monday, July 20, 2009

RNA Website - Conference Session Reports and a Link to a Reporter's Day at the Conference

The RNA website now has reports of all the Penrith conference sessions here.

Roger Lytollis, a brave reporter, from THE CUMBERLAND NEWS, shares his experience of a day at the conference here.

The Book and Shoe contest, here, is still open as those who have guessed so far have been incorrect or are ineligible as they were there! (hint read the comments for clues) The prizes are Trisha Ashley's WEDDING TIERS and Kate Lace's TROPHY GIRL.

Finally, 78 people voted in our poll on how many books to bring on a two week poolside/beach holiday. The resounding leader was five books (34 votes) followed by ten books (24 votes) and trailing behind together were two books (10 votes) and 15 books (9 votes) and finally one book (1 vote). This leads to tomorrow's post from Lynne Connolly and why it isn't easy to take a photo of her TBR Pile.

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