Wednesday, November 30, 2011

December New Titles

Please note, prices may vary. 

New Paperbacks 
Liz Fielding
Harlequin Mills and Boon RIVA
£3.99 paperback

A new job, a new country ... all Sarah needs is a hot Italian lover and her new life will be complete.

Annie Burrows
ISBN 9780263887419
Mills & Boon
December 2011
Paperback, £7.99

Reprint of linked regency romances featuring the Fawley brothers, Charles, Earl of Walton, (The Earl's Untouched Bride) and Robert, a battle-scarred veteran of the peninsular wars (Captain Fawley's Innocent Bride)

Mary Nichols
ISBN 978 0 263 88818 8
Mills & Boon
Paperback £3.99

Helen has inherited a provincial newspaper and uses it to champion the cause of the poor and in doing so crosses swords with the Squire’s son. Animosity turns to love, but a mystery in the past that links their two families, threatens to spoil it.

Scarlet Wilson
Mills and Boon
2 Dec 2011
Paperback £3.30

When Luke Storm ended his relationship with Abby Tyler, he thought that he was doing the right thing. Abby so wanted children and Luke knew he could never give them to her.

Anna Jacobs
Destiny’s Path
ISBN: 9780340954108
Hodder & Stoughton
22 December 2011
Paperback £6.99 1866

One twin wants to stay in Western Australia with the man she loves. The other wants to travel the world and daren’t hope that the man she loves will be able to marry her. Where will destiny take them? Will they find happiness? Find out more about ‘Destiny’s Path’ and read the first chapter at: 

New Hardbacks:
Catherine King
ISBN 9781847443878
Sphere (Little,Brown)
1st December 2011
Hardback £19-99,
Kindle e-book £9-49 from

One twin lived in luxury, the other lived in secret . . . With heartwarming characters and heartbreaking twists, this is a story about a family bond overcoming all obstacles.

Janet Woods
ISBN: 9780727881366
Severn House
29th December
£19.99 Hardback.

One women - two loves. 1918 and two friends return home, war heroes. Livia Carr marries for convenience, and finds herself in love with both men. But it's a bittersweet love since one is doomed.


New Large Print:
Wendy Kremer
Linford Romance
ISBN: 978-1444809213
1 December 2011

Ross is a hard-headed executive whose only aim in life is to make money. Gillian firmly believes that other things are more important than making money. Will Ross and Gillian resolve their differences and perhaps find love and commitment?

Freda Lightfoot
ISBN: 9780750534741
Large Print (Hard Cover)
1 December 2011 Price 
£ 20.99

After a tumultuous past, Livia is now set to marry handsome Jack Flint but dreams of resurrecting the family’s neglected drapery business. But with the wealthy Matthew Grayson standing in the way of her ambitions, can she stay true to her heart, or risk losing everything ...

New ebooks:
Nell Dixon
Astraea Press
November 25th 2011
ebook - £1.45

Adam wants Meg to be more than a friend but Meg has her reasons for not wanting to move their relationship forward. It takes a stray dog, an emergency at sea and a touch of Christmas to show Meg her true feelings.

Margaret Blake
December 2011
Whiskey Creek Press
ebook, $6.99

Cecily Hadfield has no alternative but to marry Thomas Cadwalader. She loathes all he stands for and vows never to obey him. However, Cecily does not realize how close to the scaffold she is so carelessly wandering. An historical romance set just after the Battle of Bosworth.

Lindsay Townsend
ISBN Not yet available
December 27, 2011
ebook with forthcoming paperback.

Elfrida, spirited, caring and beautiful, is the witch of the woods. No man dares ask for her hand in marriage until a beast comes stalking brides and steals away her sister. Desperate, Elfrida offers herself as bridal bait, and is seized by a man with fearful scars. Is he the beast?

Lindsay Townsend
ISBN - Not yet available
Lysandra Press
December 2011

Returning to the island to work on a rare piano belonging to her Greek friend Alexia, young widow Val Baker finds her dreams haunted by memories of a young English girl raped and murdered ten years before. Val determines to uncover the truth about the case.

Vanessa Devereaux
Cobblestone Press-New Blue Line
99 cents ebook

Sometimes helping out a co-worker can have big rewards

Margaret Mounsdon 
Lysandra Press
December 2011
ebook £1.75

Pippa Cavendish is blonde and beautiful and no one's idea of a conventional nanny, but Lilly Fontaine loves her. Marc Fontaine her father suspects Pippa is not all she appears to be and he's right. Pippa has a secret that she is determined to keep hidden at all costs. 

Margaret Mounsdon 
Lysandra Press 
December 2011
ebook £1.75 

Fiona Dalrymple is shocked to learn on the death of her grandmother that Doreen Dalrymple was not her grandmother at all. Her real grandmother was her grandfather's first wife, Ellie. She is further shocked to discover she has a brother. What is more Tim has disappeared and Fiona is charged with the task of finding him. 

Fenella J Miller
Christmas at Hartford Hall
ISBN 9781619371835
 Musa/Aurora Regency
 (digital first) 2/12/11 £2.99

 A Regency Cinderella story complete with a handsome ‘Prince Charming’, two nasty sisters and a wicked female relative.

Lindsay Townsend
ISBN - Not known
Muse It Up Publishing
December 2nd

Handsome, confident, a touch arrogant, Prince Orlando thinks that now he has found Sleeping Beauty, his kiss will wake her at once. When it does not, he realizes he has much to learn about life, and love. 

New Short Story:
Kate Jackson
The People's Friend Christmas Special 2011
D.C. Thomson 8th December

Victorian boy detective Michaelmas Jolly takes on his first case.

New titles by RNA members are put up by Freda Lightfoot. 
Please contact her if you wish to contribute.


LindyLouMac said...

I was surprised to see so many Mills and Boon titles on this list. As an ex librarian I am afraid they still have a stigma for me and I would not be seen reading one. Although I guess they are maybe different these days.

Maggi Andersen said...

Great list. I tweeted and FB'd it.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to see several self-published books on this list. I didn't think the RNA acknowledges self-published authors' books here, or have I misunderstood. But congrats to everyone here none the less.
Carol Martyn

Freda Lightfoot said...

Lindy, there are several Mills & Boon titles on this list because the RNA have numerous excellent writers who write for them. I'm puzzled by your comment as I see dozens of Mills & Boon books in libraries which are very popular and it is the task of writers to cater for all tastes. And I know they are popular in Italy too.

Carol, with regard to your question on self published titles, all the writers on this list are full members of the RNA, published in print and ebooks. But as you will know the current trend is that authors may also choose to self-publish as well. The ones listed here have all been professionally edited and with professional cover art. The RNA makes every effort to keep standards high.

LindyLouMac said...

Freda@ I am talking about 30+ years ago and I am afraid some old habits and opinions are hard to shake off. I am sure that M and B has a different image these days. However as it happens I once offended an author when I mentioned her novel reminded me of an M and B romance. :)

Freda Lightfoot said...

Goodness, you can't compare M & B of 30 years ago with those published today. I politely suggest it's time you read a few and brought yourself up to date before passing further judgements.

LindyLouMac said...

Freda@ Thanks Freda, maybe but I still wonder why then it upset an author have her novel compared to one? :)

Louise Allen said...

LindyLou - it upsets an author to have their work compared to a stereotype. It would probably upset her just as much if you had said her work was presumably a "bodice ripper" or used one of the other terms journalists are so fond of labelling romance fiction with.

LindyLouMac said...

Lousie@ It does seem that maybe my idea of the M and B stereotype is somewhat outdated! I do hate upsetting authors when I review their novels as I appreciate all the hard work they have put in to it. Mind you I am always honest in my reviews, although of course opinions are personal aren't they it would be boring if we all liked the same things. :)

Kate Walker said...

Lindy Lou - I suspect that if your comment to that other author held anything of the tone of 'stigma' you speak of then your comment may well have sounded like an insult as a result. I totally agree that it would be boring if we all liked the same thing - but the books written by Mills & Boon authors today are not the same as those written 30 years ago. To judge them by what you admit is a stereotype that has long had its day is hardly accurate. As another ex-librarian and now a Mills and Boon author, I know that the series romance genre is a growing, developing thing. When I worked in the libraries, part of my job was to keep aware of the popular fiction so that I could recommend titles if asked. I might not have liked the same thing as the reader but I did always feel I needed to keep up to date with contemporary publications. I would not have been doing my job professionally if I based an opinion on a stereotype I'd heard 30 years before.

LindyLouMac said...

It was certainly not meant to be an insult and my tone was not meant to be one either, it was just the genre the novel reminded me of. I also agree completely with all your comments about keeping up to date with contemporary fiction etc. I obviously have not seen a Mills and Boon title for many years and it shows. My apologies to all you authors who publish with them. Maybe one day I will get the chance to read one.

Scarlet Wilson said...

lindylou if you send me your postal address via the contact form on my website I will happily send you your first mills and boon for thirty years! I write medical romance and that might not be to your taste but why not give it a try?

ayumi said...

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Unknown said...

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