Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The RNA RoNAs...the pics

Here are the pictures snapped at the RoNAs on Monday was fabulous and glamorous. Extra photos provided by Kate hardy and Christina Courtenay....apologies that all the photos aren't labeled but blogger was playing up....

The winners were...

Katie Fforde SUMMER OF LOVE - Contemporary Romantic Novel
Rosie Thomas KAShMIR SHAWL - Epic Romantic Novel
Christina Courtenay HIGHLAND STORMS - Historic Romantic Novel
Jane Lovering DON'T STOP THE MUSIC - Romantic Comedy Novel
Caroline Green  DARK RIDE Young Adult Romantic Novel
Karin Stoecker received the RNA's Lifetime Acheivement Award for her innovation, commitment and contribution to romance publishing.

Anne Ashurst

Liz Fenwick and Jill Mansell

agent Shelia Crowley and Freya North

Katie Fforde

Rosie Thomas
Liz Fielding

Peter James

Rebecca Leith, Christina Courtenay and Sue Moorcroft

Julie Cohen and Jean Fullerton

Fiona Harper and Kate Hardy
Kate hardy and Lizzie Lamb
agent Carole Blake and Liz Fenwick

Jan Jone and Jill Mansell

Tamsyn Murray

Anne Ashurst and Peter James

Sarah Mallory

Sarah Mallory

agent Broo Doherty

Jenny Barden's shoes

Liz Fenwick's shoes

Liz Fielding and Julie Cohen

Julie Cohen and Judy Astley
Kate Johnson's shoes

Christina Courtenay's boots

Liz Fenwick and Carole Matthews
Jane Lovering

Julie Cohen and editor Cat Cobain

Liz harris, Henri Gyland and agent Carole Blake

In the bar

Rebecca Leith's shoes


Jane Gordon-Cumming said...

Once again it was a privilege to be there. Particularly gratifying to see so many RNA members on the shortlist. Well done, everybody!

Anonymous said...

And Jane Lovering for the Romantic Comedy Award

liz fenwick said...

Agree with totally Jane!

Dear Anon THANK YOU for spotting that Jane Lovering was missing...I'll put it down to jet lag and offer huge apologies. It's now fixed.


Bluestocking Mum said...

Everyone looks wonderful and glamorous as always!


Liz Fielding said...

Fabulous day!