Thursday, November 22, 2012

The RNA Winter Party Pictures

As always it was a glamourous evening in the IMEC Library...

(where possible I have named people and the their fabulous shoes....eyesight and names badges sometimes fail)

Judy Astley, John Astley and Brigid Coady

Fiona Harper

Lesley Cookman's shoes

Freda Lightfoot, Alison Morton and Myra Kersner

Freda's and Alison's shoes

Nikki Goodman and Sue Moorcroft's shoes

Mandy Baggot, Catherine Miller and Sue Fortin

Liz Fenwick's shoes

Carole Matthews and Charlotte Betts

Liz Gill, Anthea Kenyon, Anne Bennett

Eileen Ramsay's shoes

Tony Mulliken of Midas PR and Isobel Dixon of Blake Friedmann Literary Agency

Isobels's shoes

Gillen Green of Ebury, Emily Yau, Hannah Robinson

Alison Morton and Talli Roland
Rowan Coleman, Lizzy Kramer of David Highman and Carole Matthews

Debbie White, Celia Anderson, and Christine Stovell

Add caption
Val Loh and Vivienne Bass

Anthea Kenyon, Mary DeLazlo and Pia Christina Courtenay
Henri Gyland's boots
Pia Christina Courtenay's shoes

The library 
Kim Young's and Gillian Green's shoes

Jenny Barden's amazing tights and shoes

Liz Fenwick, Carole Blake of Blake Friedmann, Pia Christina Courtenay and Alison Morton

Gwyneth Williams


Janice said...

Ooooh - what a fabulous shoe-fest!

One day I'd just love to get to an RNA party in London. Thanks so much for posting the photos.

Janice xx

Susie Vereker said...

Lovely photos. Just realised how many lovely people I missed chatting to, pity

Unknown said...

Fingers crossed Janice - you'll make it one year!'s always the way at parties isn't it! I didn't get a photos of you in the fabulous blue jacket!!!

Jenny Harper said...

Oooh, Liz and Pia – a-ama-zing shoes! Missed you all!

Jenny x

Unknown said...

Jenny - we missed you too!

Catherine Miller said...

Great photos, Liz. A lovely evening that I'm still recovering from.

Lesley Cookman said...

Ooh - my shoes made it!

Henriette said...

Glad to see my boots and bright red tights up there. I hunted high and low for those tights cos' most shops only had burgundy ;-)

Bluestocking Mum said...

Another great RNA Party and some great photos there, Liz.

RNA members really should get their heads together and do a non-fiction or an anthology with the theme of shoes!


Unknown said...

It was such a good evening Catherine!

Yes, Lesley, they have!

Debbie - we could indeed!


Unknown said...
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Lucy said...

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