Friday, September 26, 2014

From the Top

This is the second in our new blog series where we chat to authors about their start in the publishing world and their advice to new writers. We’re delighted to welcome our own Katie Fforde as our guest today.  

I’m Katie Fforde, proud President of the Romantic Novelists' Association (RNA), and writer of twenty one books.  I live in the country with my husband, and see my children and grandchildren often.

My latest book, The Perfect Match is about an estate agent.  I wanted a chance to paint them in a better light as I always think they get a bad press.  My sister’s house hunt locally was extremely useful to me.

How long did it take before you held your first published book in your hand?
It took me ten years to actually get a book in my hand.  Eight years to get a publisher.

Would you follow the same path to publication if you were starting out today?
Very hard to say if I’d have taken the same path to publication today as the world has changed so much, but I think so.

Agent or publisher? What would you advise?
I’m very old school - agent, agent, agent, every day of the week.

Tell us one thing that kept you going while you worked towards being a published author.  
It was the RNA that kept me going during the long years it took me to learn to write. I aimed for Mills and Boon until I finally accepted I couldn’t actually get that camel through the eye of that needle.  But if it hadn’t been for the New Writers' Scheme (NWS) (the rules were different then) and the support of my fellow writers, I probably would have given up.

What would be your advice to new writers?
My best advice to new writers - any writer, actually - is to read, read, read.  If you read enough you will eventually learn to write.  Although to also have to write, write, write, too.  That, and join the RNA, of course.

I see your latest book, The Perfect Match, was published on 13th March this year. Do you have a work in progress?
I always have a book on the go.  I’m currently copy editing Vintage Weddings that will be out in February, 2015 and the next book is forming in my head.  Two of my children got married this year which is where that one came from.

Amazon UK: The Perfect Match

Thank you, Katie, for finding time to answer our questions and good luck with your next novel.

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Unknown said...

My sister and I both love Katie's books, we love the insight into different jobs as well as the great characters. We'll be reading these for sure!

Unknown said...

Lovely to hear from Katie, and I look forward to reading the latest book :-)
I'm a big fan of the NWS too and through the scheme I became part of The Write Romantics. Without the support of these writing friends, I don't think that I would be so far along in my writing journey at all.
Helen Rolfe :-)

snoopsspots2 said...

I was a member of the NWS too (many moons ago). Now proud to be a member of the RNA, wonderfully supportive people. Nice interview, ladies. Well done on your perseverance, Katie. x