Monday, February 14, 2011

Veronica Henry Shares a Valentine's Tale of Love on Twitter


I was upstairs one evening and my husband was downstairs, when he tweeted me to say he’d opened a bottle of cava and a glass was waiting for me.  I went a bit pink – somehow it was a very spontaneous and romantic gesture, and I realised the power of Twitter went further than I had given it credit for.  At the same time my publisher. Orion, was thinking about doing something based on Twitter, and knowing I was a heavy user, asked me if I would like to get involved.  And so Tweetie Pie was hatched – a little book of romantic tweets, guaranteed to put a smile on your lips and a twinkle in your eye. 

Compiling it made me realise that we don’t often take the time out to say the things we mean to each other, and most of us don’t have enough romance in our lives.  The love letter is long gone; even waiting by the phone for it to ring is a thing of the past, and we communicate in symbols and curt messages.  Even if we don’t get out a fountain pen and a sheet of watermarked notepaper, we can take the time to send an expression of our love.  I’m hoping this little book will be an inspiration and an example to us all.

So go on … say it!  Whether on twitter or by text or email or carrier pigeon … tell the person you love that you do.

To learn more about Veronica's books including TWEETIE PIE: 140 WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU visit her website here

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