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Australia to England and Back Again - in print at least

Janet grew up in the Australian outback, but has travelled to more than 50 countries as a journalist and a computer consultant.  She has found herself at gunpoint more often in the latter role, which surprises her. Writing books is by far her safest job. She lives in London with a green-eyed Englishman and a grumpy cat.

Jessica Pearson is carrying a terrible burden of guilt. Will flying an outback air ambulance help her atone for a lost life? And what of Adam Gilmore – a doctor with dark secrets of his own. Can they find redemption and love in a town on the edge of nowhere?

What gave you the idea for your book and how long did it take to write?
Some years ago, while on holiday in the central Australian desert, I fell ill. The Royal Flying Doctor Service transported me out of there – may even have saved my life. And it did not cost me one cent. I always wanted to write a book about what it’s like in the remote outback. Basing the story around an air ambulance seemed a good way to do that.
I started writing this book at what was a difficult time for me. I had just lost my father, my husband and I had just moved to New York City – a fabulous place, but very lonely if you don’t know anyone. I usually write a book in about 7-8 months. This took over a year but I am proud of the result.

When promoting your books do you prefer radio interviews or blogging - and why?
I was a TV journalist for many years – and I do find it quite strange to be on the other side of the microphone. Radio interviews make me a little nervous.
I rather like blogs – because I always come back and read the comments – and reply to them. It brings me closer to my readers… and I like that.

How did you carry out your research?
The town of Coorah Creek is fictional. The first thing I had to do was find a suitable place to build it,
somewhere that would support a town of this size. Then I started to draw a map of the town and buildings so I wouldn’t get lost when writing.
Jess is the pilot of an air ambulance and luckily I knew a pilot who was happy to help me with that. It was the same with medical knowledge for Adam’s character… I found a friendly doctor to help.
The internet of course, is a wonderful research tool – but I am always careful to choose reliable sources …

What is next in your writing life?
I have almost finished writing the second book set in Coorah Creek. This is the story of Dan – the ranger at the national park, who was involved in a rescue in the first book. Other characters from the first book appear in this one too. I want my readers to feel as if going back to Coorah Creek is like going home.

If you could rescue only one book from your burning home what would it be?
I have a rare old cloth bound edition of Rudyard Kipling’s Animal Stories. It has the most wonderful colour plates. It contains the first short story I ever read – a story about a polo pony called the Maltese Cat. My father introduced me to Kipling’s stories when I was very young, and this is what inspired me to start writing before I was even a teenager. 

If your book was turned into a film who would you like to play the main   characters?
I think – Dr Adam Gilmore is Aiden Turner – although about five years older. Or maybe Richard Armitage (yes – I loved the Hobbit).
For Jessica – maybe Claire Danes – she has that mix of strength and vulnerability.

Thank you for being with us today Janet.
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