Friday, May 26, 2017

Madalyn Morgan: Foxden Hotel

Welcome to Madalyn Morgan who visits the RNA blog as her novel, Foxden Hotel is published.

Thank you for inviting me to talk about my latest novel, Elaine. The nearer I get to the publication of Foxden Hotel, the more excited I get. Today I proofread the digital copy of the novel, which is already on Amazon to pre-order.  

The war is over. It is time for new beginnings. Celebrating the opening of Foxden Hotel, New Year’s Eve 1948, an enemy from the war years turns up. He threatens to expose a secret that will ruin Bess’s happiness and the new life she has worked so hard to create. Bess’s husband throws the man out. So is that the last they see of him? Or will he show up again when they least expect? Bess had hoped fascism was a thing of the past, buried with the victims of WW2. Little does she know the trouble that lies ahead, not only for herself, but also for her family.
Foxden Hotel is the fifth novel in The Dudley Sisters Saga. Each novel has taken a year to produce - five months to research, six months to write, and a month to proofread and format. As an Indie author, I want my novels to be as well written and as professionally produced as a traditionally published novel. To make sure of that, I have the book critiqued, proofread and formatted to Kindle and paperback. Then the Tweeting begins. My novels are Print on Demand, so the more I Tweet - and Re-Tweet other authors - the more sales I get.

About Madalyn:
I have been an actress for more than thirty years working in Repertory theatre, the West End, film and television. I present a radio show and have written articles for newspapers and magazines. At twenty-four I gave up a successful hairdressing salon and wig-hire business for a place at E15 Drama College, and a career as an actress. In 2000, with fewer parts available for older actresses, I taught myself to touch type, completed a two-year correspondence course with The Writer’s Bureau, and began writing. After living in London for thirty-six years, I returned to my home town of Lutterworth, swapping two window boxes and a mortgage, for a garden and the freedom to write.
    I began writing about WW2 after my mother told me about her life during the war. I was fascinated. Since then I have successfully published four novels - Foxden Acres, Applause, China Blue, and The 9:45 To Bletchley. Set in WW2, the novels tell the wartime stories of the Dudley sisters. Bess Dudley, in the Land Army, Margot, in a West End theatre, Claire is recruited by the SOE and works with the French Resistance, and Ena is a factory girl making components for Bletchley Park. Foxden Hotel, post-WW2, begins ten years after Foxden Acres and brings the Dudley sisters together. It was going to be the last in the saga, but having written three endings - none of which worked, there will be more books about the lives of the Dudley sisters.


Thank you for such an interesting blog post, Madalyn.

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Natalie Kleinman said...

A lovely post, Maddie. What a fascinating knowledge base you must have built up during your research. I really enjoyed reading about it. Best of luck with the book

June Kearns said...

Such an interesting post. Maddie books are all great reads.

Madalyn Morgan said...

Thank you for your kind words, Natalie and June. xx And thank you Elaine, for giving me the opportunity to talk about my latest novel, Foxden Hotel. x

Debbie Viggiano said...

I've read all Maddie's books and thoroughly enjoyed Foxden Hotel which sees the Dudley sisters going forward with their lives, post-war. Full of hopes and dreams, and a nasty visitor from the past, Foxden Hotel kept me turning the pages once again. Great post! xx

Sylvia Broady said...

Hi Madalyn, what a fascinating life you have led and still leading. I have read your first book and I need to catch up with your other ones. Good luck with your latest book x

Lizzie Lamb said...

IT's great having Maddie as a member of the Leicester Chapter because she is so committed to her writing. Not only that, she is helpful and supportive of other members. I love her WW2 books and I think Maddie brings much from her 'life before writing' to her work. Best of luck with your next 'Foxden' novel, can't wait to read it.

Madalyn Morgan said...

Thank you Debbie, Sylvia and Lizzie. That such talented writers like my books is praise indeed. It means a lot to me. I'm grateful to have such lovely friends. xxx

Gabrielle said...

You have a proven talent and a fascinating background, Madalyn. Perhaps your own past as an actress and proprietor of a wig-hire business will be grist to the fictional mill in the future.
Brill stuff,
Gabrielle x

Madalyn Morgan said...

Hi Gabrielle. You're right. I met some very interesting characters, especially doing the wigs in theatres. Something else that gave grist to my fictional mill was being broke. For five years before I sold up and left London in 2010, I was working two jobs and still couldn't earn enough to pay the bills. I sold everything I had of value on eBay, and sold and pawned my jewellery. Being broke for the first time in my life really was grist to my creative mill. I wouldn't change that time in my life for anything. It made me a more understanding person and I hope a better writer.