Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Ellie Holmes: The Flower Seller

Today we are joined Ellie Holmes who talks about her debut novel 'The Flower Seller. Ellie's inspirational tale reminds us that persistence definitely pays off because, after twelve years, her novel is finally published this June.

I first joined the RNA in 2004 and eagerly submitted my manuscript The Flower Seller to the New Writers’ Scheme.  The report I received was tremendously helpful in highlighting where the weaknesses were and how they might be tackled.  I knuckled down and in 2005 submitted the reworked manuscript to the NWS, having taken into account a lot of what my reader in 2004 had suggested.  This time The Flower Seller made it through to second read stage so all the hard work was worth it.

2005 was also the year of my first RNA Conference.  At that conference I attended an Agents’ Panel discussion when the wonderful Broo Doherty (now of DHH Literary Agency) spoke of her wish to find new authors.

I didn’t think she could possibly be talking about me.  After all The Flower Seller still needed more tweaking and I felt sure Broo would only want people who were the finished article.  Then the fabulous Nicola Cornick of this parish (who at the time ran the NWS) spoke to me, asking if I was going to contact Broo. I explained my reasons for not doing so. Nicola, in the nicest possible way, gave me a metaphorical slap round the head and told me to contact her anyway. A few weeks’ later, the ink was drying on my contract with a London literary agent.

Over the years that I have worked with her, Broo has made me a better writer but despite her best endeavours we never landed that elusive contract for The Flower Seller or my later books.

As the marketplace changed, I decided I would go down the self-published route and it made sense to make The Flower Seller, which is so dear to my heart, my first release.  I took it out of the forgotten folder it had been tucked into on the computer and set about giving it a polish and an update (smartphones were only a twinkle in Steve Jobs’ eye when the book was first written). Taking my courage in both hands I set out on the path to becoming an indie author benefitting hugely from all those who have gone before and been generous enough to share their experiences.

The Flower Seller was finally published on 2nd June. A nice little postscript to this tale is that as I was putting The Flower Seller together for publication I made my first sale to a traditional publisher. I am used to those kind of kinks in the road now.

There are several things I’d like you to take from my tale:-

The RNA is a wonderful organisation and the NWS is a wonderful scheme.

Rewrites that are focused and with a purpose in mind are all part of the job.

We all need cheerleaders – mine were Nicola and Broo.
The road to publication may have as many twists and turns as your plot so be prepared.

About Ellie:
Ellie Holmes writes commercial women's fiction and romantic cosy mysteries.  Born in Essex but made in Cornwall, Ellie takes her inspiration from the beautiful Essex countryside and the sublime Cornish coast. Juggling commitments to family and friends alongside a part time job in the law and her writing, Ellie describes her days as hectic and her nights as long but says she wouldn’t have it any other way.



Thank-you for taking the time to tell us here at the RNA Blog about your experiences Ellie. We hope this story is the first of many we will see from you.

If you wish to write something for the blog or be interviewed please contact elaineeverest@aol.com


@juliawildauthor said...

Your story just goes to show that persistence pays off in the end, Ellie. Well done you! You're right, the RNA NWS has helped so many of us to find our feet and has encouraged better drafts of stories to come forth. Wishing you every success with The Flower Seller. Julie xxx

Unknown said...

What an interesting, inspirational article, Ellie! The cover of your novel is simply lovely, and I can't wait to read what lies beneath the cover. Good luck with it!!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your kind comments. Paying it forward and supporting each other is so important. And the next time I need another metaphorical slap round the head I'll give you a call Nicola 😉 I'm happy to be your cheerleader anytime!

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Unknown said...

Thank you to everyone for their kind comments. All much appreciated. Ellie x

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Range TV clients have encountered circumstances where they can't find the login choice on the application. Others have likewise seen that at whatever point they sign in on the page, it goes into a divert circle and never arrives on the genuine sign-in page. You may likewise have gone over a blunder with a message showed as "something turned out badly." But many individuals are additionally incapable to sign in light of the fact that they forgot their username or secret word.
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Enacting a Cash App card can be exceptionally simple assuming clients observe rules in the underneath referenced way. Our Expert David from Cash App has set down beneath referenced simple tasks which must be continued to enact the money card by two unique strategies.
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Bitcoin is the most popular modernized cash, and during the latest purchaser market, it sorted out some strategy for beating $1 trillion in market cap. The cash can be bought on specialists like Robinhood or exchanges like Coinbase, yet it is in like way possible to get it on Cash App. To sort out some strategy for buying Bitcoin on Cash App, just read on and you'll track down a few colossal information.
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How to buy Bitcoin on cash app

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Email has changed the style of master correspondence and with no time, Today it goes probably as the most fundamental mechanical assembly to deal with a wide scope of master trades. AT&T keeps on extra one of the top of the line firms giving email helps from one side of the planet to the other. find update and connection of att email login in 2022.
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Assuming that the card is bought through Visa, the discount solicitation will be shipped off Mastercard guarantor inside seven work long periods of accepting your solicitation. Then your discount will be given inside 20 work long stretches of receipt of your solicitation for buys made with money, check or different types of installment. The carrier will discount the price tag to the first type of installment subsequent to deducting any pertinent assistance charges forced by outsiders.

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Debit and credit cards are becoming increasingly widespread, and the banking system is evolving at a breakneck pace. No one wants to pay with cash these days; instead, they prefer the ease of a debit card or a wallet-friendly payment software. This is when the Cash App card comes in handy.
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