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New Romantics Press – The Future’s Looking Bright!

Welcome to Adrienne Vaughan who has popped along today to tell us about The New Romantics Press. What an enterprising group of ladies they are!

Firstly, thank you so much for inviting us onto the RNA blog, Elaine, it’s an absolute honour and we’re thrilled to be here. Here’s our story so far …

Three years and a couple of months ago the New Romantics Press (NRP) – Adrienne Vaughan, Lizzie Lamb, Mags Cullingford and June Kearns ‒ was born. Huddled together in the backroom of a village

pub in the wilds of rural Leicestershire, trembling with fear and trepidation, four fledgling authors – having met through the RNA and all on the New Writers’ Scheme ‒ launched themselves on the world.

Dozens of book launches, blogs, newspaper reports, radio interviews and videos later, we’ve embraced each and every element of what being an author in today’s multi-media environment entails; standing shoulder-to-shoulder, through drafts, edits, rewrites and great big gaping holes of self-confidence. And still, what remains at the very essence is our passion to tell our stories our way.
Ten acclaimed novels ‒ hundreds of reviews, award nominations and a best seller ‒ later, the dream is a reality and the greatest reward is still when someone says. “I loved your book, when is the next one coming out?”
Here’s a quick update as we hunker down into 2016 …

Lizzie Lamb
 Lizzie’s debut Tall, Dark and Kilted, was swiftly followed by Boot Camp Bride and having launched 

her third novel, Scotch on the Rocks last July, there was ‘no rest for the wicked’ as it rocketed up the Amazon charts to reach No 1 in Scottish Romance! So it was head down as Lizzie ‘got busy’ with novel number four, This Highland Magic.

Born in Scotland, with Brazilian and Irish blood in her veins, it’s no surprise Lizzie’s novels feature feisty heroines and gorgeous heroes, and having enjoyed a successful career in education, sprinkles her books with fascinating historical facts, face-fanning sex and laugh out loud dialogue.
Earning something of a reputation as a ‘go-to’ speaker on the art of self-publishing, Lizzie gives lectures to creative writing students at De Montfort University, has hosted numerous literary lunches in some of the county’s top hotels and will be speaking at Leicester Writer’s Club next month. She – together with June ‒ also organises the RNA Leicester Chapter, The Belmont Belles and keeps the NRP in check, inspiring us all to ‘keep at it’. 
Lizzie & Adrienne
I’m dreaming about hitting the road in 2016 with our caravan, computer, parrot and husband to research number four, so Highlands of Scotland, here I come. Our travels have become part of the writing process for me and I love the adventure, laughter and shared experiences of our trips, keeping us buoyed and enthused throughout the long winter months. I just know 2016 is going to be one of our best years ever!” Says Lizzie.
Lizzie's Links:
twitter: @lizzie_lamb      
Scotch on the Rocks
Boot Camp Bride 

Tall, Dark and Kilted 

Mags Cullingford

Mags’s first two novels, Last Bite of the Cherry and Twins of a Gazelle are definitely romance with edge and she will be the first to admit her writing errs on the darker side, with an undercurrent of tense, psychological drama heightening emotions.

She is currently completing and polishing her, as yet, untitled third novel which features threatening letters, a fatal car accident and a private investigator and, knowing Mags, some deep, dark romance too.
Mags says, “I must confess although I love writing, I’m absolutely rubbish at marketing and promoting and it’s my readers reaction to my books – as well as my NRP comrades, chums in the RNA and my writer friends in general – who inspire me to keep going. My resolution for 2016 is to get to grips and improve on these necessary skills, at least once January is over. It’s not that I’m procrastinating but I do like to take a leaf out of our cat Tina’s book and for me January is the time for hibernating.”
Mags’s Links:
Twitter: @cullingfordmags

June Kearns
 June is our historical novelist and to date has written two fabulous novels, The Englishwoman’s

Guide to the Cowboy and The 20’s Girl, both acclaimed as eloquent and stylish with clever twists and turns, and nods to fashion and music, two of June’s passions.

Now working hard on novel No 3 June admits to be a little awry with her New Year resolutions.

So far I haven’t started reading War and Peace nor stayed away from the choc-and-nuts – but I have been working on my third book, so that’s something!

June in the swinging sixties
Set in the early 1960s, it’s gathering pace and coming along nicely. I’m trying to pin down recollections of the time by trawling through old photographs (I had a waist!), tramping London streets and visiting our son in San Francisco last year (my story is set in both places). It’s all bringing back lots of lovely memories and inspiration. Fingers crossed, I’m hoping to publish at the end of this year.”
June’s Links:
Twitter: @june_kearns

And finally me – Adrienne Vaughan
“I write romantic suspense and having trained as a journalist I love lifting the veil of celebrity to

reveal what lies beneath the glitz. I set my characters against the elements and each other, taking readers to wild, romantic locations where literally anything can happen and it usually does!

My first three novels – never thought I’d be saying that - were well received, my debut The Hollow Heart shortlisted for a Reader Award at the Festival of Romantic Fiction, as was the follow-up A Change of Heart and then last November I was absolutely thrilled to learn Secrets of the Heart was shortlisted for a Love Reading Award, amazing!
But no resting on laurels here, so last year saw me interviewing a friend’s daughter who dresses members of the cast of Downton Abbey and Strictly Come Dancing; poking around in military

reference books and studying reports on plots to murder the Pope, as I started working on, Scandal of the Seahorse Hotel. I aim to have it completed by the end of January before sending to my fabulous mentor, June Tate – a dear friend who I met through the RNA – and who helps me edit and polish ahead of launching to the ‘waiting world’ (okay I made that last bit up!).

Having been Long Listed for the Elizabeth Goudge Award for A Most Deadly Affair, a historical novel about a beautiful Irish socialite who inherits the family business – an undertakers – in the 1950’s, it looks like that’s next on my list, in between editing Romance Matters, hosting a charity luncheon at a five star country house hotel with Lizzie next month, oh and the day job, but most of you know what
Is it Spring yet?

that’s like!”

So 2016 looks as exciting as ever and it simply remains for us to thank you all for your continued support – we could NOT have done it with you and the amazing organisation which is the RNA. Hoping to see you all soon …

Adrienne’s Links:
Twitter: @adrienneauthor
Lizzie and Adrienne have also contributed to a short story anthology, see below.

Hocus Pocus '14a collection of spooky short stories 

Here are the links to our Amazon pages . . .

Thank you, Adrienne, and good luck with your venture ladies. So many wonderful books!

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