Saturday, February 6, 2010

Janet Woods Writes of Cardless Valentine's Days - Except One

Author Janet Woods tells of Valentine's Days without cards except one has...

A tale of woe...I've never ever received a valentine card, unless I can count the drawing from my grandson. It was a bleeding heart with "XXXs from Brodie" on it, Still, I've managed to celebrate 50 years of happy marriage without one. Instead I've enjoyed gifts of flowers, chocolates and other surprises for no reason at all.

1835, England. A married woman, pregnant with her sea-captain lover’s child, dies giving birth. The child, Serafina Finn, is abandoned to an orphanage and grows up longing to feel that she belongs somewhere. Eighteen years later, her father, hearing rumours that his lost daughter survived, dispatches a detective, Adam Chapman, to discover the truth. Adam finds, and falls in love with, Serafina – but, even if he can prove her identity, will her real family accept her?

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