Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Tale of Love at First Sight by Sarah Duncan

Sarah Duncan shares a tale of love that lasted a lifetime...

It's London, 1942. A young medical student is walking down the staircase at Guy's Hospital when he sees a pretty red head looking a bit lost in the reception area. She's 18, straight out of school and is about to train as a nurse. He decides there and then he's going to marry her.

But there's a war on. He's posted overseas and isn't demobbed until 1947. Back in the UK, he marries the pretty nurse he's been writing to for the last five years.

Fast forward 60 years - four children, eight grandchildren, six cats, several hamsters and one rogue rabbit later - and my parents are holding hands, as they often do. But this day, Valentine's Day 2009, there's a difference. My beloved father is dying.

He never sent my mother a card, or brought flowers home. But as the final goodbyes were being said, I don't think there could have been more love between a man and a woman.

Sex, love.....and pasta

When Michael tells Natalie that he 'needs space', she’s devastated. She thought he was the love of her life but now Michael’s found himself a new girlfriend. So much for space. Natalie tries speed-dating, but how could she move on when she's still yearning for Michael? One of her speedy dates is Guy and, despite the lack of chemistry, at least she's now got a date for her best friend's wedding. But past indiscretions are about to come to light. Natalie needs to escape. Guy happens to own a flat she can borrow... in Rome! There Natalie makes some fabulous new friends and discovers who puts the Rome into Romeo. She's falling in love – but is it with Rome, or with someone she finds there?


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Jan Jones said...

Very moving, Sarah.

(But now I need to know about the rabbit)

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I thought I was reading about the book at first. Such a wonderful story.

I have Single To Rome on my tbr pile and am looking forward to reading it.

Sarah Duncan said...

The rabbit was worth several stories of his own...

Hope you enjoy ASTR Debs.