Thursday, February 4, 2010

NWS Member Jenny Barden Talks of the Practical Side of Love

Jenny Barden,New Writers' Scheme member and contributor to Love Writing, shares a practical Valentine's Day...

The first Valentine's Day my husband bought me roses was several years after our marriage when the children were small, finances were precarious, life was a never-ending scramble, and our house had just been put on the market. I was amazed and profoundly touched. He'd never bought me flowers before. 'Darling, they're beautiful!' I said, kissing him. 'They should do the trick,' he replied, marching straight past me and into the living room. 'Flowers always help sell a house.' I suppose, as a surveyor, he should have known, and a few weeks later he was proved right. Well, at least the house sold! I gave him a hug afterwards. That, surely, is love!

Jenny has just completed her novel, To the Ends of the World, which follows the first of Drake's great adventures, but with one special difference - suppose a woman had by chance been there... To discover more visit

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