Tuesday, July 12, 2011

RNA Conference 2011 - The Gala Dinner and Shoes

The Gala Dinner was amazing despite the crisis of a closed bar before hand. Here are the pictures and surprise surprise they are mostly of shoes....

Jane Jones

Katie Fforde

Nina Harrington

Jane Jones and Anne Ashurst

Elizabeth Goudge Award winner Cally Taylor

Emma Darwin and Chris Stovel
Linda Chamberlain, Penelope Overton, Alsion King and  Elizabeth Chadwick

Cally Taylor and Emma Darwin


catdownunder said...

Oh my goodness! How do you manage to walk around in any of those incredible creations????

Liz Harris said...

Yay - a first time for my shoes to be up on the blog!

A fun posting.

Liz X

InTheseHeels said...

Absolutely LOVE the first pair of heels, gorgeous!! Looks like a wonderful night :)

Rebecca Leith said...

Lovely, but who were the owners of these glorious shoes? I need to buy some featured here - for research purposes obviously :-)

Unknown said...

Cat - walk in them?

Liz - they were gorgeous

In These Heels - it was a fabulous night

Bex - afraid memory isn't quite good enough to pair names to all the shoes


Kate Johnson said...

Ooh, the first pair of shoes were mine! They're Irregular Choice (LOVE Irregular Choice) and although you can't quite see it from that angle, in the middle of the rosette was a little brass cat with a furry belly. Oh, and the soles have white rabbits in teacups all over them.

And no, I couldn't really walk by the end of the evening...

IIRC, the red suede platforms with the ankle cuffs, just above the pic of Cally Taylor and Emma Darwin, were Christina Courtenay's. She always has the most amazing shoes!

Harry Johnson said...

Very pretty.