Friday, May 30, 2014

Let's Party!

The annual RNA Summer Party brought out the best as always, both in the renewing of friendships, the making of new ones, an opportunity to mix with some of the good and great of the romantic publishing world. As if that wasn’t enough, sixteen of seventeen candidates (Jennie Jones is based in Australia) lined up in the hope of winning the coveted Joan Hessayon Award. 

Candidates for the Joan Hessayon Award

Viv Hampshire
Glass in hand
Here are some comments from a few of those present.

What a lovely mix of people, from hopeful newbies to the much-published, and agents and editors too. The room buzzed with friendly chatter, the nibbles were tasty, and beautiful shoes abounded - although I did see quite a few being surreptitiously swapped for comfortable ‘travelling home’ flats at the end of the night!
Viv Hampshire (NWS)

Gerry Savill (standing) with
Sarah Stephenson, Natalie Kleinman
and Viv Hampshire

Going to any RNA event, be it the Summer Party or a chapter meeting, is always an uplifting event. Knowing that the published authors were once in my shoes (i.e unpublished!) gives me the boost to keep going. One day that could be me. Or maybe I should be more confident; one day that will be me.
Gerry Savill (NWS)

Elaine Everest
Joan Hessayon Award Finalist

I’ve always enjoyed attending the Summer parties. For me, this one was extra special as I was one of the seventeen contenders for the Joan Hessayon Award. In the last few months we have chatted between ourselves about the competition, interviewed each other for blogs and followed each other on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve become friends and will remain so as the NWS graduates for 2014. That’s what is great about being an RNA member. We support each other and are happy for every success. Well done ladies, it was a pleasure standing alongside you on such a memorable evening.
Elaine Everest (member)

Francesca Burgess

Another great night mixing with writers at all stages of their careers. It's good to meet new people. I love the feeling of camaraderie and support there is at all RNA events. And of course, the parties are a good excuse to dress up!
Francesca Burgess (NWS)

Natalie Kleinman
Everybody loves a romance and there was certainly a lot of it about at the RNA Summer Party. I found myself wondering how many words of love had been generated by the assembled company but, as I can’t count that far and it was giving me a headache trying, I decided instead to sample some of the delicacies put on by party organiser, Sally Quilford. Yummy. The headache went and didn’t reappear the following morning in spite of an excessive alcohol intake. Well, it was a party!
Natalie Kleinman (member)

Look in again on Tuesday, 3rd June, when we will be joined by Jo Thomas, winner of this year's Joan Hessayon Award

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