Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Releases

Anne Whitfield
The House of Women
ISBN 0956790186
Knox Robinson Publishing
June 9th
£9.99 paperback (Amazon)

Grace Woodruff fights for her sisters’ rights to happiness while sacrificing any chance for her own. Will the possibility of true love lead Grace to relinquish her responsibilities in the house of women and embrace her own right to happiness?

Carol Townend
Bound to the Barbarian
ISBN: 9780263218626
Mills & Boon
3rd June 2011
£14.50 large print

One line synopsis: Once a slave, maidservant Katerina has promised to convince Commander Ashfirth Saxon that she is an Imperial princess, but the longer she keeps up the deception, the less she wants to deceive him…

Dilly Court
Cinderella Sister
ISBN 9780099538844
Arrow Books
3 June 2011
£19.99 Hardback

She was born the youngest, and expected to keep house for her five elder siblings instead of following her heart and studying to be an artist like their errant mother.

Fenella J Miller
Miss Bannerman & The Duke
ISBN tba
Aurora Regency/Aspen Mountain Press
$5.29/ £3.50 (
20th June 2011

The Duke is proud and Miss Bannerman prejudiced - can they reconcile their differences and find true happiness?

Janet Woods
Lady Lightfingers
ISBN: 9780727880567
June 30th
Severn House UK
£19.99 Hardcover

1850s London. Pickpocket, Celia Laws, accepts a monetary advance against a promise of physical love, then flees. Four years later her admirer turns up, and when they fall in love Celia's conscience begins to burn.

Julia Williams
The Summer Season
ISBN 978-1847560889
June 23 2011
£6.99 paperback

In the village of Heartsease a garden lies neglected, its griefstruck owner, Joel unable to move on. Until a stranger called Kezzie bursts into his life and turns it upside down...

June Francis
Pirate's Daughter, Rebel Wife
Mills & Boon
ISBN: 9780263887693

Bridget McDonald is in fear for her life and virtue on board a slave ship. Having plunged over the side, she's rescued by rugged Captain Henry Mariner. And he knows the only way to protect her is to marry her.

Kathy Lewis/Tanith Davenport
The Hand He Dealt
ISBN : 978-0-85715-570-2
Total-E-Bound Publishing
13 June 2011
£3.49 - EBook

When Astra Scott’s boyfriend confesses a desire for men, the actions Astra takes lead to unexpected developments with best friend Sasha and her boyfriend Ash, whose outwardly cool demeanour hides secret desires of his own.

Liz Fielding
Tempted By Trouble
ISBN 978 0 263 88384 8
Mills and Boon - RIVA
£3.99 June 2011 - paper and eBook

“Life is like ice cream: you have to take it one lick at a time.”
For an excerpt -

Liz Fielding
Old Desires
978 1 4448 0687 8
Thorpe LP Linford Romance Library
£8.99 June 2011 - LP

When you learn that your life is a lie, who do you trust?

Phillipa Ashley, Nell Dixon, Elizabeth Hanbury
Brief Encounters
E-Scape Press
May 2011 digital, Sept 2011 print
e book £2.10

Brief Encounters is a sparkling new anthology of six romantic short stories. Sweet and sexy, contemporary and historical – the collection has something for everyone.

Nicola Cornick
Whisper of Scandal
ISBN: 0778304647
17th June 2011
£6.99 paperback

Society widow and polar explorer travel to the Arctic together to claim her husband's illegitimate daughter.

Sandra Mackness/Toni Sands
The Perfect Italian Wife
ISBN 9781908192233
Xcite Books
26 May 2011
£2.25 (lead story in ebook collection)

Melissa persuades her Italian husband she needs a girly holiday. He offers the family yacht, propelling three gorgeous women into uncharted waters as Melissa produces exotic pirate costumes for the bounty hunters to seek out prey...

Sue Moorcroft
Love & Freedom
Choc Lit
1 June
£7.99, paperback, ebook price tba

Honor Sontag flees America, reputation in tatters, searching for her English mother. Mysterious Martyn Mayfair is irresistibly drawn, though he's sworn off women who have strings attached. Will Honor be Honorable? Or choose freedom?

 JL Merrow
Sex, Lies and Edelweiss
Amber Quill Press
19th June 2011

A lawyer on holiday—and a handsome waiter. With both their pasts
riddled with secrets and lies, is there any hope for the present?

Link to publisher:

Chrissie Loveday
Out of the Blue
Linford Romance

Bryher meets her match when racing her motorbike. But fall for him? Never! He's an accountant for starters but when he offers her a job she learns that accountants don't always live up to their image.

Chrissie Loveday
Loving is Never Easy
D.C. Thomson (People's Friend Pocket Novel)

Nellie is married, with a baby, trying to cope with her work, running a large household, where she was previously a maid. Wealth brings its own problems and her siblings always rely on her.(second part of a Potteries trilogy)

Short Stories:
Kate Jackson
Dandelions and Daisies
People's Friend Summer Special
June 2011
A garden full of dandelions and daisies brings a new love into Charlie's life.


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