Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Conference Countdown - Steve Wade, A Male Perspective On The Conference

Conference veteran Steve Wade offers his thoughts...

I’m sure you women writers have often stopped to give a momentary thought to the bloke in the corner as you sip your wine and talk editors, chapters, deadlines and focus groups. Well, although I’m a writer, I’m also quite often the bloke in the corner, merely observing, and trying to understand why women never run out of words while men grope for the right words, give in and use the nearest one, and then feel sorry for months because they used one that got them into trouble. That happens a lot at a conference, but it also has a wonderful romantic element too, and I think a poem is the best way to explain this delicious, unsteady and tentative little journey into love – the central theme of all the writers at the forthcoming conference. Because the journey into the experience of the conference is a little like that other journey, the one we long for, pain and joy on the road like pebbles and sunrise – but boy we need that trip into something unknown and maybe revolutionary. Or just as strange as a hot curry in a desert.

Wonderful Journey

Welcome to a country called Love.
You need a visa. Nobody knows you.
You need a road map.
No road-signs to affection here.
You need a phrase book:
She’ll speak woman-talk.
You need an emotion licence
Or you’ll crash into a barrier of grief .

But once inside her borders,
All this wonderful journey-
You never want it  to end


Unknown said...

Brilliant post.

Carole Blake said...

I am now resolved to speak to every 'bloke in the corner' I see at romance conferences. Could lead to some interesting encounters ...

Lesley Cookman said...

I have been known to go into the corner with you...

Great post, Steve.

Steve Wade said...

Hi Carol W. - come and find me in the corner


steve wade said...

Dear Carol B

I'll have my phrase book and passport - and I'd rather talk to women anyway. men seem to be stuck in front of the footy. See you in the corner


Steve Wade said...

Hi Lesley - yes I have happy memories of chats in the corner - at Caerleon and at the RNA

See you there again

Kate Hardy said...

Steve - oh, bless. (And how many times has your wife sat there with an indulgent smile on her face as you and I start rabbiting about history?)

Love the bit about groping for the right word and coming out with the wrong one. I know quite a few men who'd nod their heads and look sheepish at that one!

Look forward to seeing you at the weekend. (And if you're a good boy you can play with my iPad and see how useful one would be for Mrs W... *g*)

Julie Cohen said...

You made me cry.

And I always love sitting in the corner with you!

Steve Wade said...

Hi Kate - yes, let's sit in a corner and talk history
See you there


steve wade said...

Hi Julie,

Even with a misprint I had a response! My eyes have been bad lately. The word 'bias' should be 'visa' I'm using three pairs of specs and one eye is red as strawberry jam.

But anyway, save a hug for me in the corner