Monday, July 19, 2010

Rachael Thomas On The Best Bit of RNA Conference 2010 For Her

New Writers' Scheme member, Rachael Thomas, talks about her favourite part of the conference...

Deciding which bit of the conference was the best bit is tough. The setting was amazing, the weather gorgeous and all who attended warm and welcoming. The workshops and talks were interesting and useful. The Gala Dinner on Friday evening was fun, as was the barbeque on Saturday evening. In fact the whole weekend from start to finish was brilliant.

As a NWS member, the highlight of my weekend at Greenwich has to be the appointment with a Mills and Boon editor. During those precious ten minutes I was able to find out what the editor thought of my work and how it could be improved. It was extremely useful and I have come away full of enthusiasm and able to deal with the points raised. Who else could give such a fabulous opportunity to an aspiring romance writer, than the RNA?

Rachael Thomas


Anna Louise Lucia said...

Brilliant, Rachel! Good luck with dealing with the editor's suggestions.

Deborah Carr (Debs) said...

I agree, the conference was excellent.

Good luck with your editing.

Bluestocking Mum said...

Sounds excellent Rachel. I wish I'd been there (I'm on new Writers Scheme too.)

Best of luck with the editing.