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July Releases

Bantam Press
Viola is a bit disaster-prone and this includes having had little luck with men.  Her first husband (the completely lovely father of daughter Rachel) was gay and her second was a philandering actor who was killed in a car accident while leaving Viola for his mistress.  She's rented out her house and is recuperating at her mother's home for a while.  When on her first real night out since the accident,  a puncture lands Viola’s car on a traffic island at midnight and she comes across a man there stealthily planting a quince tree, she doesn’t expect this to lead to adventures that involve guerrilla gardening and a summer full of surprises, disasters, fun and flowers.

A Walk in the Park
Headline Books
 5th July.
Romantic comedy set mainly in Bath, a bit in the Lake District...
It's been a while, but Lara Carson's back in Bath and lives are set to change as a result. Because Lara left her family and boyfriend Flynn eighteen years ago without a word to anyone. Why has no one heard from her since? Her childhood best friend Evie is thrilled Lara's back and able to share her happiness. Evie's about to walk down the aisle with her dream man, Joel. Or so she thinks... Then there's Flynn Erskine, even more attractive now and stunned to see Lara again. The spark between them is as strong as ever, but how's Flynn going to react when he discovers the secret she's been keeping from him? Oh yes, there's a lot of catching up to be done...

Kate Lace COX
Arrow Books
Gorgeous men in lycra, sex, intrigue and nailbiting rivalry set in the glamorous world of rowing in the run-up to the 2012 Olympics

Choc Lit
What will it take to put the past to rest?
When a professional genealogist is harassed by a ghostly presence and decides to do some research on her own family tree, she uncovers a six hundred year old love story.

The Darcys get pulled into the Regency craze for Egyptology in this sequel to Pride and Prejudice

Harlequin Romance
Paperback and eBook
Claire Thackeray: Hardworking single mom and gossip columnist. Hoping for the inside scoop on sexy billionaire Hal North, aka her teen crush!
Most wary of: Gorgeous men who set her heart racing. (Been there, got the T-shirt—and the baby!)
Hal North: Bad boy made good. Back in his hometown as new owner of the Cranbrook Park estate. Determined to put his troubled past behind him.
Most wary of: Journalists—especially pretty ones, like new neighbor and tenant Claire Thackeray.

Harlequin Mills & Boon
paperback and ebook
Lady Jayne has vowed only to marry for love.  But where is she going to meet anyone even faintly interesting when her grandfather guards her so zealously?  Cue one pair of breeches purloined from a junior footman, a makeshift rope and an open bedroom window...

Sheila Newberry YOUNG MAY MOON
Robert Hale
Price £18.99
On the silvery sands of Westwick, Suffolk, just before her sixteenth birthday, Young May Moon, as she is known to family and friends, fyulfils the promise made to her late father and becomes the Punch and Judy lady.  Assisted by her younger sister Pomona, Young May Moon discovers that performing is in her blood, as four years earler, from this same place, their fiery mother Carmen, a flamenco dancer absconded with the preacher from the rival entertainment.  The girls are befriended by the O'Flaherty family, also lodging at The Swan, and May experiences first love and the pain of parting...  

Vanessa Devereaux I'M ALL YOURS (Book Two of the Perfect Pairing series)
Evernight Publishing
e book
July 16th
Kyle and Evie only think they hate one another...well, that's according to Sadie Sutton who thinks with a little casting of a spell and the help of Perfect Pairing, these two enemies will soon be lovers

Ellora's Cave
Sam Tyler is thrilled to discover that her lover is whisking her away for a weekend of exotic luxury as a treat for her birthday. As a woman who knows just what she wants—her man all tied up like a living, breathing present—she’s quick to take advantage of his generous mood and begins planning a surprise of her own. One that turns out to be a hell of tough ask for a man who insists on always being in control. Does Adam had the strength it takes to surrender?

Jane Wenham-Jones PRIME TIME
Accent Press
5th July
Laura Meredith never imagined herself appearing on TV she s too old, too flabby, too downright hormonal, and much too busy holding things together for her son, Stanley, after her husband left her for a younger, thinner replacement. But best friend Charlotte is a determined woman and when Laura is persuaded on to a daytime show to talk about her PMT, everything changes. Suddenly there s a camera crew tracking her every move and Laura finds herself an unlikely star. But as things hot up between her and gorgeous TV director, Cal, they re going downhill elsewhere. While Laura s caught up in a heady whirlwind of beauty treatments, makeovers and glamorous film locations, Charlotte s husband, Roger, is concealing a guilty secret, Stanley s got problems at school, work s piling up, and when Laura turns detective to protect Charlotte s marriage, things go horribly wrong. The champagne s flowing as Laura s prime time TV debut looks set to be a hit. But in every month, there s a "Day Ten" ...


In a gorgeous quay-side hotel in Cornwall, the long weekend is just beginning . . .

Claire Marlowe owns 'The Townhouse by the Sea' with Luca, the hotel's charismatic chef. She ensures everything runs smoothly - until an unexpected arrival checks in and turns her whole world upside down.

And the rest of the guests arrive with their own baggage. There's a couple looking for distraction from a family tragedy; a man trying to make amends for an affair he bitterly regrets . . . and the young woman who thinks the Cornish village might hold the key to her past.

Here are affairs of the heart, secrets, lies and scandal - all wrapped up in one long, hot weekend.

Kate Harrison SOUL FIRE
Orion Indigo July 5th
Trade Paperback
It's getting hotter on the Beach: as Alice gets closer to the killer, the killer gets closer to Alice. Watch out: Passion burns.

Rosanna Ley   The Villa
Quercus Original Paperback
July 2012
When Tess Angel receives a solicitor’s letter inviting her to claim her inheritance – the Villa Sirena perched on a clifftop in Sicily - she is stunned.  Her only link to the island is through her mother, Flavia, who left Sicily during World War II and cut off all contact with her family. Initially resistant to Tess going back to Sicily, Flavia realizes the secrets from her past are about to be revealed and decides to try to explain her actions.  Meanwhile, Tess’ teenage daughter Ginny is stressed by college and filled with questions that she longs to ask her father, if only she knew where he was.   Three women, all seeking answers.  Will Villa Serena bring them together – or drive them apart?  

Angela Britnell   IT'S COMPLICATED
Desert Breeze Publishing
Multiple E-book formats
Charles ‘Black Ash’ Ashton temporarily abandons his jet-setting lifestyle to avoid being blamed for a multi-million pound poker scam and meets quiet, elegant math teacher Emily Worthing but the odds aren’t in their favor. After a disastrous affair cost Emily her heart and prestigious job she prizes honesty above all things. Ash makes his living at the poker table, where a little deviousness and the occasional white lie never hurt. Ash must leave behind his irresponsible past and Emily searches for the strength to forge a new future. Ash puts all his cards on the table one last time and he and Emily prove they’ve an ace in the hand called love.

Janey Fraser  THE AU PAIR 
July 19th
Jilly sets up an au pair business around her kitchen table to make ends meet. Marie-France becomes an au pair in order to find her English father. And motherless eight year old  Lottie is determined to drive away one au pair after another – until she finds the perfect match!

Lynne Connolly IN THE MOOD
Ellora's Cave
The sound of a saxophone drifting out of a Chicago blues club sends Matt
inside, hoping to sign the player for his recording studio. Instead he finds
V. Passion drives them from that moment on, and Matt can’t get enough of her
sweet body and generous spirit. But as a former drug addict who
spectacularly crashed out of the rock band Murder City Ravens, he has a lot
to prove.

V thinks she’s happy with her lot until she receives an offer to join one of
the most innovative and exciting bands in the world. Joining Murder City
Ravens could sever her from Matt forever. How can she join the band when
she’s spending her nights with the man who nearly destroyed everything they

Matt and V have decisions to make that might give them their life’s dream,
but could split them apart. Which is more important, personal fulfillment or
love? Is it possible to have both?

Astraea Press
Emma has been busy organizing her older brother’s lovelife but now Noah plans to turn the tables on his meddlesome match-making sister. But is Ian the best man for this very particular bridesmaid?
Part of the Cornish Short and Sweet series.

Punked Books
One summer’s day, Betty let love carry her a step too far. That exquisite sun dappled afternoon became one of her best memories, but also the catalyst for the worst experience of her life. Now elderly, Betty has been running from her past since she was a teenager, and it’s about to catch up with her. Will the experience be as awful as she fears, or wonderful beyond imagining? 

Safkhet Publishing
Paperback or ebook
1 July 2012
£ 7.99 ,$12.99, EUR 9.99
Somebody to Love…How do you tell her?
After a turbulent marriage to a man who walked off hand-in-offshoot with something resembling a twig, divorced mum, Donna O'Conner, doubts happy endings exist. She'd quite like to find herself an Adonis with… pecs …and things. Alas, that's not likely, when her only interest outside of work is hopping her three-legged dog in the park, carrying a poop-scoop. In any case, Donna isn't sure she'd know what to do with an Adonis if she fell on one. When PC Mark Evans comes along, gloriously gift-wrapped in blue, however, she can't help wishing she did.
Mark, a single father, is desperate for love. He doesn't hold out much hope, though, that there is a woman out there with a heart big enough to love him and his autistic son. Enter big-hearted Donna, plus three-legged dog. And now Mark has a dilemma. Pretending not to mind her house-bunny chewing his bootlaces, he's smitten with Donna on sight. Should he tell her his situation up-front? Announcing he has a child with autism spectrum disorder on a first date tends to ensure there isn't a second. Or should he skirt around the subject, which amounts to a lie? When one lie leads to another, can he ever win Donna's trust back? Admit that he didn't trust Donna enough to let her into his life?


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