Saturday, June 15, 2013

Self-Published June Releases

The New Year Resolution by Louise Rose-Innes

The Romance Collective
ebook [Kindle Edition]
5 June, 2013 

Last year, divorcee Nicole had only one New Year’s Resolution – to have a date for this New Years Eve – but with no strings attached.  One thing she knows for sure is that she isn’t ready for anything more complicated than a casual date.

So when eco-tycoon and international jetsetter, Ryan Jackson begs her to accompany him to a tropical island for a week, in order to impress his benefactor, Nicole categorically refuses. He’s way too hot and she’s way too vulnerable. Not a good idea.

Yet Ryan won’t take no for an answer.  It’s for a good cause. She would only have to pretend to be his lover. It’s a luxury island resort with all expenses paid. How can she refuse?

Under the tropical sun, things heat up and their pretence goes out the window. Nicole gets cold feet. She’s not ready for this kind of affair. It’s doubtful she ever will be.

But have they come too far? Distancing herself from Ryan will cause him to lose the funding he so desperately needs for his eco-project, but staying with him means she’ll lose something far more valuable… her heart.  And that’s a risk Nicole is simply not willing to take.

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A Lady with Napoleon's Army by Mary Nichols

ebook now on sale at Amazon
Price £2.31

Catherine Marsh, employed by her friend, Helen, wife of Count Pyotr Mikhailovich Kaspodin to be governess to her children, Catherine finds herself in Poland just as Napoleon is preparing to invade Russia. When the Count is obliged to leave them to join the Tsar, and Helen is killed by a merciless French troop, Catherine must find her way to Moscow to fulfil Helen's dying wish that she look after her children, but with danger all around her, the only way she can do it, is reluctantly to accept the escort of the Austrian Captain Charles Von Hardt, who is in the service of Napoleon and her sworn enemy. But is he all he seems?

The Duke's Legacy by Wendy Soliman

7 May 2013

As sole heir to the late Duke of Penrith's extensive estate, Abigail Carstairs suspects that someone is trying to kill her for her fortune. In desperation she turns to the notorious Lord Sebastian Denver for help. Unable to deny a lady in distress, Sebastian inveigles his way into Abbey's hunting lodge where all the prime suspects are gathered.

Distracted by his growing attraction towards Abbey, Sebastian is unprepared when a further attempt is made on her life. As he lays a daring trap for her aggressors, Sebastian finds himself in a race against time to keep her safe...


Song Of My Heart by Margaret Mounsdon

Kindle ebook

Andi Cox lands a dream job looking after the daughters of pop icon Jas Summers. Then the girls start getting kidnap threats and when Jas arranges a charity concert in the grounds of his country house Andi's job is on the line

The Italian Lake by Margaret Mounsdon

Kindle ebook

Anna Villiers is forced to merge business with rival Phil Anderson and Phil suspects her of colluding against him with Archie Wainwright, local property developer, but Anna has a family secret she cannot reveal, even at the risk of losing her job. 

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