Saturday, April 30, 2016

Karen Aldous in the South of France

We are delighted to welcome Karen Aldous to the blog today as she takes us to another beautiful location in France.

Your fourth book with Carina is soon to be published. Without giving too much away can you tell us a little about One Moment at Sunrise.
I love Evie Grant, my main character. Evie has everything, a gorgeous little girl, lives in a beautiful villa in southern France by the Canal-du-Midi with a talented and highly regarded singer-songwriter– her life, you imagine, so perfect, every girl’s dream. However, her life is empty, her loneliness desperately painful. This is where her emotional journey stems. The story unravels as her misery is explored and she discovers what is missing in her life.

Is the setting for your latest novel similar to those that came before? How important is location to you?
One Moment at Sunrise is set along the coast from my previous books; on the beautiful, man-made Canal-du-Midi where characters are woven from its history and influential to the story. I enjoy reading stories set in exotic locations, as well as writing them, they allow me to soak up the atmosphere and the holiday mood so I want my readers to immerse themselves in that too. A world away from their daily routine.

How much time do you devote to social media?
I try to limit it because it can be hugely distracting when I’m writing, but there are so many interesting stories, pics and snippets people post - it’s difficult. So, I try to do a half hour three times a day and I like to do a guest blog-post once a month. Obviously at launch times this all goes out the window, but hey-ho, it’s what writers do nowadays and its lovely to connect to readers.

Do you have a regime and do you stick to it or are you adaptable if something else ‘turns up’?
I have to be adaptable – I need balance in my life, I’m a Libran after all! I’ve never been one to rigidly stick to routine. My family and friends are core, so having them around or, taking off somewhere on an impulsive whim is possibly my weakness! Being so curious I can’t sit still long, so in some ways I’m purpose-built for writing but, of course, when deadlines are there, it’s all hands on keyboard!

Is there another book waiting in the wings?
Of course…I have so many ideas buzzing around, I can’t tell you so, yes. I never want to stop writing and I will soon start planning the next. Right now, I’m off to the Alps and I need to leave Evie to get on with her life and give my head an opportunity to recharge. You can’t imagine how much I’m looking forward to meeting my next characters and getting to know them.

Have you ever considered changing genre? Is there something quite different you’re burning to write?
Absolutely. I’d love to try a psychological suspense but the one burning desire I have is to write a beautiful sweeping epic. In fact, I began outlining and writing a synopsis as well as carrying out quite a bit of the research last spring, which although is still in its embryonic stage, it’s developing. It’s a dual time line, and a bit of a project. An eclectic mix of family drama, suspense, romance and historical fiction.

And finally, what is next for Karen Aldous?
All the above. And, I’ve also set myself a challenge to improve my writing skills. I’m in awe of writers such as Elena Ferrante, Tracy Rees and, Iona Grey, the recent Romantic Novel of the Year winner and the book I’m reading at the moment; it’s a spookily similar format to the epic I’ve planned, but these authors organise their words so beautifully.


Much of Karen's inspiration comes from her travels. The UK, France, Switzerland and USA are just some you’ll be transported to in her books, but wherever she goes, new characters invite themselves into 'Karen's World' screaming to tell their stories; strong independent women capable of directing their own lives - but struggle to control them...especially when temptation strikes!
Karen feels so much of her success derives from support of fellow writers at Romantic Novelists’ Association and The Write Place.

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Unknown said...

A fascinating interview.
I loved reading the book and thought it your best to date.
Very best of luck with your next endeavour, I'm looking forward to it enormously.

Unknown said...

Thank you for inviting me to the blog today. I'm so excited about One Moment at Sunrise.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely comments Sarah. So thrilled you enjoyed One Moment. X

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely comments Sarah. So thrilled you enjoyed One Moment. X

Unknown said...

Thank you for inviting me to the blog today. I'm so excited about One Moment at Sunrise.

@juliawildauthor said...

Very interesting post, I swear I could feel the warmth of the sunshine just reading it! All the very best with your new release. Julie x

Georgina Troy said...

Great post. Very best of luck with your new book. x