Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Compiled by Sheila Riley here the bumper crop of June publications. 

The Returning Tide
Paperback and ebook
June 29th
In wartime Cornwall, 1943, a story between two sisters begins - the story of Adele and Amelia, and the heart-breaking betrayal that will divide them forever.
Decades later, the effects of one reckless act still echo - but how long will it be until their past returns?

The Cherry Tree Cafe
Simon and Schuster
June 1st
Cupcakes, crafting and love at The Cherry Tree Cafe... Perfect feel-good summer reading for fans of Great British Bake-Off Lizzie Dixon's life feels as though it's fallen apart. Instead of the marriage proposal she was hoping for from her boyfriend,
she is unceremoniously dumped, and her job is about to go the same way. So, there's only one option: to go back home to the village she grew up in and to try to start again. Her best friend Jemma is delighted Lizzie has come back home.
She has just bought a little cafe and needs help in getting it ready for the grand opening. And Lizzie's sewing skills are just what she needs.
With a new venture and a new home, things are looking much brighter for Lizzie.
But can she get over her broken heart, and will an old flame reignite a love from long ago...?
For everyone who loves settling down to watch Great British Bake-Off, the Great British Sewing Bee, or curling up to read Milly Johnson or Jenny Colgan,The Cherry Tree Cafe is a coffee-break treat.

Wedding Bells at Butterfly Cove Butterfly Cove, (Book 2)
HQ Digital
June 26th
A second chance by the sea?
When Kiki Jackson’s marriage falls to pieces, there’s only one place that she knows she can escape to – her sister’s little guesthouse in Butterfly Cove. But she’s worried that turning up on bride-to-be Mia’s doorstep, especially with her two adorable children in tow, will spoil her sister’s imminent wedding plans!
Luckily, handsome neighbour Aaron Spenser offers to share his new cottage with Kiki until she’s back on her feet. And as the wedding draws closer, Kiki realises that Butterfly Cove may be offering her little family more than just a new home…
Maybe this is where her new life begins…?

The Spark Girl
June 1st
A knock on the door early one morning wouldn't normally be cause for concern but it is 1941, Britain is at war, and Kitty Williams's fiancé Joe is far from home fighting Hitler with the Navy. As Kitty's heart is shattered into pieces hearing the news she had been dreading, resolve kicks in and she becomes more determined than ever to do her bit for the war effort. Signing up to the Women's Army is just the sort of challenge Kitty needs and on meeting new recruits Mary, Di and Peggy, she is happy to learn that the challenge won't be a lonely one. But it also won't be easy and when bombs start to fall on her home town of Coventry, and supposed allies turn against her, Kitty must find the strength she never knew she had to save her family, fix her broken heart and help her country to victory.

The Debutante's Daring Proposal
Paperback and ebook
Mills & Boon
June 1st
Miss Georgiana Wickford has a plan to avoid the marriage mart—she’ll propose a marriage of convenience! She hasn’t spoken to the Earl of Ashenden since their childhood friendship was torn apart, but now Edmund is her only hope. Edmund refuses to take any bride, especially the unsuitable country miss who abandoned him years ago. But when he sees beautiful Georgie at the mercy of society’s rakes it arouses his protective instincts. And soon the Earl is tempted to claim the daring debutante for himself!

Healing the Sheikh’s Heart
Mills and Boon
June 1st
Brooding billionaire Sheikh Idris Al Khalil wants one thing—the gift of hearing for his daughter, Amira—and he’s willing to pay anything to get it! Enter Dr Robyn Kelly, whose whirlwind approach to life sends his senses into overdrive. Now, as the tension between Paddington’s ENT Specialist and the guarded sheikh mounts, Robyn can’t help but wonder…is life in the desert with Idris and little Amira the family happy ever after she’s always dreamed of?

A Life-Saving Reunion
Hardback and ebook
Mills and Boon
Cardiologist Thomas Wolfe’s speciality is mending broken hearts, but no one knows how much his own still hurts five years on…
Torn apart by the sadness of losing their little girl, Tom and his ex-wife, transplant surgeon Rebecca Scott, are virtually strangers, until they’re thrown together again at Paddington’s to save the life of another very special little girl.
Can a miracle surgery prove that it’s never too late to give love a second chance?

Her Pregnancy Bombshell
Paperback and Ebook
Harlequin Mills and Boon
June 2017
Pilot Miranda Marlowe is too sick to fly her plane, and she must face the truth:
she's pregnant! She knows well enough that her boss, Cleve Finch, is still grieving for his late wife, so needing time to think, she heads for a place she loves, the Villa Rosa.


Confetti at the Cornish Cafe
Avon Maze
May 29th
Cal and Demi are preparing to launch their beloved Kilhallon Resort as a wedding venue. Cakes are baking, Cornish flowers are blooming, and fairy lights are twinkling. With the cliff-top setting and coastal views, it's the perfect place for a magical marriage ceremony. But their first clients are no ordinary couple. The bride and groom are internationally famous actors Lily Craig and Ben Trevone. Kilhallon is about to host a celebrity wedding . . .
With the pressure on, Demi and Cal are doing all they can to keep their guests happy and avoid any wedding disasters. But is the unpredictable weather the only thing standing in the way of the Big Day? As secrets surface and truths are told, can Demi and Cal ensure that Kilhallon's first wedding is a success? One thing’s for sure, this will be a Cornish celebration to remember . . .

Daughter of Mull (Magic of Mull #3)
Tirgearr Publishing
June 7th
Anna Ballantyne is devastated when her hopes of meeting her birth mother are dashed. Determined to discover the reason for her mother’s refusal to meet her, Anna decides to track her down on the Scottish Island of Mull, where she lives. As a freelance researcher, she is able to use a commission to investigate the story of The Lords of the Isles as cover for a trip to Mull, and she leaves the flat in Glasgow that she shares with the owner, Roddie Fraser, to journey to the island. But complications soon follow. She finds herself falling under the spell of Finn Ericson who works on the island as an unofficial guide. When Roddie turns up, he makes it clear that his feelings for Anna are more serious than she realised. With her personal life in turmoil, torn between Finn and Roddie, and confused about the value of pursuing a mother who does not want to meet her, Anna has to make some important decisions.
Captivated by the island, she wonders if there is a future for her with Finn on Mull?
Or is she ignoring the whispering of her heart that it is Roddie she truly loves?

The Gin Shack on the Beach
June 5th
You’re never too old to try something new!
When octogenarian Olive Turner is persuaded by her son to move into a retirement home, she congratulates herself on finding the secret to an easy life: no washing up, cooking or cleaning. But Olive isn’t one for mindless bingo with her fellow residents, and before the first day is over she's already hatching a plan to escape back to her beloved beach hut and indulge in her secret passion for a very good gin & tonic. Before long Olive’s secret is out and turning into something wonderful and new. Only a select few are invited, but word spreads quickly about the weekly meetings of The Gin Shack Club. Soon everybody on the beach wants to become a gin connoisseur and join Olive on her journey to never being forced to grow older than you feel.
A journey of friendship, defiance and a quest for the perfect G&T.

Summer at the Dog & Duck
E Book
1st June
Ellie Browne has found happiness running The Dog and Duck pub in the idyllic village of Little Leyton, and her blossoming romance with tall, handsome property developer, Max Golding, is going swimmingly. With her new best friend, Digby, the black Labrador at her side, life just couldn't be sweeter. But their peace is shattered when Max's younger sister, Katy, turns up unannounced with a whole heap of attitude. And Max's loyalties are stretched further when his glamorous ex, Sasha, re-appears with her own burgeoning secret. With the master of the manor preoccupied with the demands of his 'other women', Ellie's forced to consider if she has any role to play in Max's life or in the village of Little Leyton. Can Ellie get her life and relationship back on track in time for the summer charity ball at Braithwaite Manor?

The Law of Attraction
HQ/Harper Collins
June 23rd
Amanda Bentley has always dreamed of being a barrister…
But as a platinum blonde bombshell from the wrong side of town, with a perfect tan and sleek high heels, she doesn’t exactly look the part – or fit in with the brash public school boys and cold posh girls of Newcastle Crown Court’s robing room. Amanda’s never been one to back down from a challenge, and so when she wins a prestigious pupillage following law school, she’s determined to make the most of her chance – and make all her dreams come true. Only three things stand in her way: Sid Ryder – the sexy, irresistible barrister who she absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, sleep with. At all. Marty Gregg – her smarmy law school nemesis, who she's in direct competition with for the top job. And her big, dark secret that could jeopardise everything she's worked so hard for. Who said that following the laws of attraction was going to be easy…?

Lily Alone
Ebook, with paperback to follow
Harper Collins
June 15th (paperback: 5th October)
What sort of mother would leave her all alone? A gripping and heart-wrenching domestic drama that won’t let you go.
Lily, who is almost three years old, wakes up alone at home with only her cuddly toy for company. She is afraid of the dark, can’t use the phone, and has been told never to open the door to strangers. But why is Lily alone and why isn’t there anyone who can help her? What about the lonely old woman in the flat below who wonders at the cries from the floor above? Or the grandmother who no longer sees Lily since her parents split up? All the while a young woman lies in a coma in hospital – no one knows her name or who she is, but in her silent dreams, a little girl is crying for her mummy… and for Lily, time is running out.

Under a Tuscan Sky
June 14th
A summer she’ll never forget…
When Olivia Montague’s grandmother passes away, she decides it’s finally time to make some changes in her own life. So she breaks up with her ‘going nowhere’ boyfriend and embarks on a journey to her Nonna’s home in Tuscany. Until now, Olivia has always believed that she’s incapable of love, after being abandoned by her parents as a baby. But with each day spent at the gorgeous villa nestled in the rolling Italian hills, she feels her heart begin to flutter…
And when handsome antiques dealer Hugh St. James arrives on the scene, she realises things might be about to change forever! Escape to Tuscany this summer with Karen Aldous’s brilliantly uplifting read. Perfect for fans of Erica James and Cathy Kelly.

Broke Deep
June 5th
Morgan Capell’s life is falling apart by small degrees—his father’s dead, his boyfriend dumped him, and his mother’s in the grip of dementia. His state of mind isn’t helped by his all-too-real recurring nightmare of the wreck of the Troilus, a two-hundred-year-old ship he’s been dreaming about since his teenage years. The story of the Troilus is interwoven with the Capell family history. When amateur historian Dominic Watson inveigles himself into seeing the ship’s timbers which make up part of Morgan’s home, they form a tentative but prickly friendship that keeps threatening to spark into something more romantic. Unexpectedly, Dominic discovers that one of the Troilus’s midshipman was rescued but subsequently might have been murdered,
and persuades Morgan to help him establish the truth. But the more they dig, the more vivid Morgan’s nightmares become, until he’s convinced he’s showing the first signs of dementia. It takes as much patience as Dominic possesses—and a fortuitous discovery in a loft—to bring light out of the darkness.

Yvonne, Lady of Cassio. The Lovages of Cassio. Book 1
E-book and print book.
9th May
Books We Love
When Yvonne and Elizabeth, daughters of ruthless Simon Lovage, Earl of Cassio, are born under the same star to different mothers, no one could have foretold their lives would be irrevocably entangled. Against the background of Edward II’s turbulent reign in the fourteenth century, Yvonne, Lady of Cassio, contains imaginary and historical characters. It is said the past is a foreign country in which things were done differently. Nevertheless, although that is true of attitudes, such as those towards women and children, our ancestors were also prompted by ambition, anger, greed, jealousy, humanity, duty, loyalty, unselfishness and love. From early childhood, despite those who love her and want to protect her, Yvonne is forced to face difficult economic, personal and political circumstances, during a long, often bitter struggle.

Dark Maiden
Prairie Rose Publications
Beautiful Yolande comes from an exotic line of exorcists—a talent she considers a gift—and a curse. In fourteenth century England, a female exorcist who is also black is an oddity. She is sought after and trusted to quiet the restless dead and to send revenants to their final rest. Geraint the Welshman captures Yolande’s heart with his ready smile and easy ways, and the passionate fire of his spirit. An entertainer, he juggles and tumbles his way through life—but there is a serious side to him that runs deep. He offers Yolande an added strength in her work and opens his heart to her with a love such as she’s never known. But Yolande is not free to offer Geraint her love completely—not until her “time of seven” has passed. Can the powerful attraction between them withstand the powers of evil who mean to separate them forever?
Yolande’s conscience and conviction force her to face this evil head-on—but can Geraint save his Dark Maiden…

Georgia Hill
Millie Vanilla’s Cupcake Cafe: Summer Loves
Harper Impulse
June 2nd
Will there ever be a happy ever after for Millie and Jed? With diva Dora, in town for the summer, it’s looking unlikely!

Escape to the Cotswolds
HQ Digital
June 21st
Can love blossom in the countryside?
Artist Holly Hunter is turning her life upside-down! She’s leaving the bright lights of London (and a cheating husband) behind her and hoping for a fresh start as she escapes to the peaceful Cotswolds countryside. Men are off the cards for Holly. Instead, she’s focusing on her little gallery and adopting an adorable Border Collie puppy named Tubs. Or so she thought…
Because no matter how hard she tries to resist him, local vet Adam Whitney is utterly gorgeous. And in a village as small as this one, Holly can only avoid Adam for so long!



White Lies
Ellie Holmes
June 27th
A wet night: a car crash; three lives are changed forever…
Sam Davenport is a woman who lives her life by the rules. When her husband Neil breaks those rules too many times, Sam is left wondering not only if he is still the man for her but also if it’s time to break a few rules of her own.
Actions, however, have consequences as Sam soon discovers when what starts out as an innocent white lie threatens to send her world spiralling out of control. White Lies is a warm, engaging read about love, deceit, betrayal and hope.

A Quest for Mr Darcy
Indie - paperback and eBook
White Soup Press
June 22nd
Struggling to overcome his rejection by Miss Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy decides to go travelling in the summer of 1812, keen to distraction. He returns to England a year later, convinced he is over his foolish infatuation with the lady and with a plan, both to protect the estate of which he is guardian and to ensure his sister's happiness: he intends to do his duty and secure a wife at the earliest opportunity.
Duty; a path from which Darcy knows he should never have been diverted. Duty was safe and nothing would persuade him from it a second time. Soon restored to his home in Derbyshire, Darcy puts his quest in motion, preparing to welcome guests from Town, one of whom is a suitably eligible young lady he has earmarked as his future wife. But what of the new tenants on the estate named Bennet? Is his path fated to cross with Elizabeth's once more? Keeping his mind under good regulation and his quest intact is a far greater challenge than anticipated when Darcy discovers the truth of the matter. With the addition of his friend, Bingley's, mischievous twin younger
sisters, mysterious letters from a stranger and a shadowy lurking in the grounds of Pemberley, Darcy's carefully laid plans are soon in tatters as the rigid protection he has placed around his heart begins to falter.

A Question of Thyme
June 2017
A contemporary romance with Great War echoes.
When Jen answers an advertisement to create a 1915 herb garden for a TV documentary, she expects it to get her out of a money hole, not to change her life.
Borderline recluse Theo Grainger is scarred mentally and physically from an appalling fall seven years ago. Adjusting to the presence of a TV documentary team next door is one thing, dealing with Jen Matlock, who helps people in trouble whether they want her to or not, is something else entirely. Set in the gardens of a Shropshire manor house, A Question of Thyme blends humour, herbs and healing with two generations of romance, a hundred years apart.

Foxden Hotel
E-Book and Paperback
Self-published on Amazon 
June 10th
Foxden Hotel is a story of intrigue and secrets, threats and blackmail, romance, happiness and love. The fifth novel  in the Dudley Sisters Saga, Foxden Hotel, brings the Dudley sisters; Bess, Margot, Claire and Ena together with their husbands and friends to celebrate the opening of the hotel on New Year’s Eve 1948 - ten years after the first novel Foxden Acres on New Year’s Eve 1938. In the crowded ballroom, as the countdown to 1949 begins, a terrifyingly familiar voice from Bess’s past rasps a New Year’s message in her ear. Bess turns, a camera bulb flashes - and the man has gone. The uninvited guest, an enemy from the war years, threatens to expose a secret that will ruin Bess’s happiness and the new life she has worked so hard to create. Bess’s husband, Frank, throws the man and his friends out. Worried for the safety of the man’s young girlfriend - as well as make sure the man leaves the property -
Bess and her sister Margot follow them out into a snowstorm. Is that the last they will see of him? Or will he show up again when they least expect? Bess had hoped fascism was a thing of the past, buried with the victims of WW2. Little does she know the trouble that lies ahead, not only for herself, but also for her husband and sisters.

Girl in the Castle
New Romantics Press
April 25th
paperback and kindle 
Fate takes academic, Henriette Bruar, to a remote Scottish castle in Argyll to auction off  its ancient library to pay the laird's mounting debts. Cue a phantom piper, a lost Jacobite treasure, and a cast of characters who - with Henri’s help, encourage the MacKenzies to confront their tragic past and move on.
However - will the Girl in the Castle be able to return to university once her task is completed, and leave gorgeous, sexy Keir MacKenzie behind?


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Yes, a bumper crop of Romantic Novelist Association members are publishing novels in June. It's the beginning of summer. What better time is there? Good luck everyone.

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