Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Glimpse At Bernardine Kennedy's To Be Read Pile

This weekend's TBR Pile comes from Bernardine Kennedy, author/freelance writer and journo, living in Essex, UK. She has published seven novels and the eighth is under construction.

This TBR pile of books is actually only a cross section pulled off the shelf. I have so many to read but not enough time; or rather my time management skills are poor right now! The shelves are heaving with unread books but I'm still a compulsive book buyer of several a week.

I love going on holiday with half a dozen books and nothing to do but read. And eat of course. I'm into cruising at the moment and there's nothing better than a book, a balcony and the whooshing of the sea beneath. My current WIP has some ship travel in it both from the sixties and now, seems a shame to waste any experiences that come under the heading of research. I think writers automatically see everything through the eyes of 'research'.

I prefer to read books of a different genre to my own, firstly because I live in dread of subconscious plagiarism and secondly because its nice to read something different and give the brain cells a rest from 'work'. I do have a very eclectic taste in books although it changes from time to time. At the moment I'm into the crime novels of Kathy Reichs / James Patterson / Karin Slaughter and co and the romcoms that always lighten my mood by authors like Kate Harrison / Pauline McGlynn (Mrs Doyle!) / Jill Mansell. I'm also currently dipping into some of the celebrity autobiographies. Dawn French, Russell Brand, Eric Clapton are top at the moment...

I love to have 'dip-into' books on the go as well as the 'race to the end' novels that I can't put down.
'The Wit and Wisdom of Keith Richards' is one I keep going back to. Brilliant.

And now I've piled some of them together for the photograph I feel so impatient to get at them that I'm going to set aside some time to read them all. I hope!

Bernardine's latest, SHATTERED LIVES, is published in large print by Thorpe this month July. It was originally published by Headline December 2008.

For more information about her books visit her website and for a glimpse into her writing and what's going on in her life stop by her blog.

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