Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Loves Me, Loves Me Not Launch Party

Last night saw the launch of LOVES ME, LOVES ME NOT. The wonderful chairman of the RNA, Katie's Fforde, shares her thoughts:

'It's briliant that we've now got this wonderful anthology to celebrate our 50th anniversary. It's a delight. Having it by my bedside reminds me of one of those wonderful old annuals, full of good things and surprises. And its wonderful cover really makes it stand out. People keeping asking me about 'that gold book.' It's a really great present for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day - you name it. (The dads might not be quite so thrilled so better get the giant chocolate bar as usual for them.)

Last night there was a suitably gold-filled and glittery launch party at the Cavalry and Guards Club. Such a lovely location! Just perfect for such an elegant occasion. Almost all of the contributing authors and their guests were there, looking glamorous, and allowing themselves to be photographed like the true celebs they are. Launch parties are rare in the publishing world so it was fabulous that we had such a good one. The journalists and PR people seemed to enjoy it too. It was particularly joyous to all be together to celebrate together. We must try to do more collaborative things – the parties are so good!

And if anyone else wants to know about my gold necklace, it was in a sale and very well reduced! The heart-shaped earrings with bits of gold in them were another matter all together, but I did buy them in Venice. It’s part of my job to buy gold things in our 50th year, isn’t it?

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