Thursday, February 14, 2013

February Self-Published Releases

Mary Nichols To Win The Lady
ebook for Kindle
available now
£2.17, but free until 6th February

Lacking a son and heir, Mr Henry Paget bequeaths his elder daughter, Georgina, his horse-breeding stables with instructions to take care her young sister. The stables are some of the best in the country; Henry was renowned for his knowledge of horses, which he passed on to his daughter. The problem Georgie soon encounters is that men are reluctant to do business with a woman, until Major Richard Baverstock returns from Waterloo seeking a horse, and her life becomes even more complicated.


Fenella J Miller  A Marriage of Convenience
KDP Amazon e-book
Jan 28, 2013
Eleanor Walters is obliged to marry the irascible, but decidedly attractive, Lord Leo Upminster. A marriage of convenience is better than being destitute, she reasons.
Leo, an ex-colonel, is a man used to being obeyed instantly. He finds Eleanor's behaviour infuriating, her beauty irresistible and their agreement not to consummate the marriage increasingly impossible. It is only when he allows his frustration and jealousy to drive her away that he understands what he has 
Meanwhile, in her self-imposed exile on a neglected country estate, Eleanor becomes embroiled in riots and treachery.
In a desperate race, can Leo save both her life and their marriage?

Vanessa Devereaux  The Brazen Ladies Trilogy
Feed A Read
Feb 1, 2013
Three erotic tales set during the Regency about women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it. The stories include Caught In The Act, What The Lady Wants, and Double Her Pleasure. The titles were previously published in electronic form and were bestsellers on both Fictionwise and All Romance E Book sites. Vanessa Devereaux writes both erotica and erotic romances.

Lynda Dunwell  Titanic Twelve Tales - A Short Story Anthology RMS Titanic
ebook and paperback
£2.04 and £3.99

Twelve tales – all with a Titanic theme.
Step aboard the world’s most famous liner with author Lynda Dunwell. A long-standing Titanic enthusiast, she has used her skill as a prize-winning short story writer to craft a selection of tales, including love stories, ghost stories, sci-fi and others. All the tales are fictional. The enduring mystery of the world’s most famous shipping disaster and its aftermath is encapsulated in this engaging short story anthology. Written in the centenary year of the sinking, this anthology commemorates the loss of the most famous ship of all time. Only one tale, Trapped! has been published before, other titles include:A face at the window: a face from the deep, Lover boy,Graveyard gang,The lace-maker’s gift,  Matrix Titanica and more.

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