Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Tale of Book and Shoe - Penrith 09

The frocks for the gala evening on Saturday were beautiful, but not half so much fun to photograph - so here are a selection of shoes (the ones that were in focus that is - difficult to take photographs, drink and chat simultaneously- at least for this bumbling soul). So your challenge should you chose to accept it is - Can you match the shoe to the author? Can you match the the type of romantic fiction that the shoe wearer writes? We have two books to give away ( Trisha Ashley's WEDDING TIERS and Kate Lace's THE TROPHY GIRL) - finally can you locate Katie Fforde's feet? If you were lucky enough to be in attendance, needless to say you are not allowed to compete! The two people with the most correct matches will be the winners! (I had tried to label each photo with a letter but it didn't work - some had 2 or 3 and many had none - so you will have to be quite specific in your description of the shoes - sorry)

Tomorrow's post will be the tale of a first time attendee...


Susie Vereker said...

Fantastic feet!

Lesley Cookman said...

Not fair - I've already got both books. There will be such competition for the most outlandish/pretty shoes next year...

Nell Dixon said...

I was there and still only recognised one pair of feet.

Hazel Patching said...

Are Katie's the silver slingbacks?

I adore the green shoes in the picture of 4 feet, I'd love those

Janice said...

Our lovely chairperson Katie's shoes are in the last piccy and on the right - with the black bow across the front! I'm right - arnt I?
Janice x

Janice said...

For Hazel - the gorgeous green shoes belong to Lorna Frazer and I got to try them on (size 5). They are of the softest leather and they got the prize in our naughty kitchen!
Janice x

Janice said...

Oh dear, I should have read the rules before I put my foot in it, or should that be my shoe?
Janice x

Alison said...

I haven't a clue whose anyone shoes are, but I'm picking the lovely pink strappy sandals with the flower on front, teamed with red nailpolish, as hers.

Hazel Patching said...

Well going on comments already posted, are Katie's shoes in the last photo, black shoes red skirt?

Still lusting after the green shoes :-)

Lorix said...

Well here goes!
Katie Fforde - last picture, black shoes pink skirt.
Lorna Frazer - Green shoes lusted after by Hazel (cheating?) in the 4th picture down.
Kate Johnson - black sandles with silver studs teamed with jeans? Or maybe the snake skin style ones in 4th picture, on the leg with the tattoo (to which hopefully a body is attached).
Veronica Henry - silver shoes in picture below black and silver studded sandles.
Jean Fullerton - pink ones in picture 25. More shoe than sandle but with the toes showing.
Jan Jones - red shoes in picture 9.
Roger Sanderson - the mens shoes picture no.12.

I really haven't a clue but if nothing else maybe it's given you a good laugh at imagining these shoes on the feet I have suggested :D

Unknown said...

Hazel - Those are Katie's shoes indeed!

Lori x- You have done very well. With correctly attaching the right shoes to Katie, Veronica, Lorna and Roger!

I'll be in touch regarding your prize.

Lorix said...

Oohhh I won! I love winning books, I'm very easy to please:D
Thank you Liz, I look forward to hearing from you. I've got to say, there were some gorgeous shoes there!

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