Monday, April 15, 2013

April Self-Published Releases



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17 March 2013



When Jenny Cavendish inherits a share in a Tuscany vineyard certain members of the Morelli family are not happy, forcing Jenny to turn to neighbour Gino Belpaese for help. Help that comes with conditions.



Margaret Mounsdon THE MIMOSA SUMMER


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17 March 2013



Pippa is not everyone's idea of a perfect nanny, but Lilly loves her, which is more than can be said for her father Marc.




Blue-Eyed Llama
24 March 2013

Chocolatier Magnus Elsinger has a reputation. Tall, blond and wealthy, he's exactly the kind of man the women of Angell's Arcade ought to steer clear of. Unfortunately for them, he's every bit as charming as he is gorgeous and some of them just can't resist.

So when someone starts leaving him bouquets of dead roses, there's no shortage of disgruntled suspects. As Easter approaches, the anonymous messages take a more sinister turn. Has Magnus finally played the wrong woman? And how far will she go for revenge?

April fills Angell’s Arcade with the delicious aroma of chocolate and a chilling tinge of fear.

Like your favourite soap, The Arcade brings you characters you love to hate – and to love. Each bite-sized episode is perfect for your journey to work, your lunch-break – or a quiet night of escapism. And it’ll leave you wanting more – with a teaser of next month’s storyline!

Noelene Jenkinson A GENTLEMAN'S BRIDE
1 April 2013
Anne Gray is forced to marry for the
chance of a better life. Until she learns the truth about her husband and her
life is in jeopardy. She escapes Devon for Australia.
James Barratt emigrated from Sussex to Australia to make his fortune. After his
fiance jilts him, he vows never to fall in love again.
In Australia, Anne changes her name and answers James' advertisement for a
wife. But her blossoming romance and future is threatened when her past returns
to haunt her and once again she is forced to flee. Homeless, Anne struggles
to resolve her future until the real truth is uncovered.



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March 1st 2013

£1.74 / $2.99

Elizabeth Belmont grows up in Edwardian London dreaming of becoming a star on the music hall stage. But when disaster strikes, her widowed father has to send her to stay with her mother’s starchy family in Sheffield. Against all odds she finally realises her ambition, becoming a musical artiste. It is a time of change, when women are fighting for the vote, but are still bound by convention and strict class values. Even as she rises up the bill, she is torn between the world of middle-class respectability and the free life of the theatre. Spurned by the man she loves, she is drawn into the clutches of a man she detests. Can Elizabeth break free and find the happiness she longs for?


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